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In Bretagne, the  buckwheat crepe is a
strong tradition for hundreds of years.

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Plain Flour & Buckwheat Flour

Little about us

After having worked 8 years at their restaurant (Le Bistro) and creates a bakery with friends (La Fournée) in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.  Laurent and his wife, we decided to try on a new adventure. the creation of a mini Franchise for Crêpes, Waffles and Coffees Kiosk in the region of Maryland. The name Charlotte Artisianl was chosen to name their daughter Charlotte. 

Meet Charlotte :
Charlotte is almost born, feet in the crystal clear water and fine sand of the Caribbean, she loves the beach and she likes to make sandcastles. Now she discovers the pleasures of city life and all its advantages, it also discovers a new language of English, after the French and Spanish, charlotte gets a perverse pleasure in conbiner three languages

Daily special

happy hour Waffles 2 X 1